purple and silver wall decor

Picking Colors that Match Purple Wall Decor

Purple wall decor means the purple becomes the center of attention. In architecture, this is called a focal point when one thing becomes the center point. It could be dominating the color of your room. Although the purple is the center, it does not mean that you cannot give colorful wall decor. You can still freely add some colors or items that are beyond purple. In here, we will give […]

wooden letter wall decor

Mix and Match the Wooden Wall Decor

Another design for a dorm wall decoration is wooden wall decor. There are many ways to decorate the wall of your room. The wooden items can be really suited with your teenager’s room because this has dynamic and chic styles. You can find some of hundreds items in this article that you can choose. Wall decor from woods is natural, vintage, and flexible. Either your dorm has old or contemporary […]

college dorm wall decorations

Several Items to Beautify Dorm Wall Decor for Teenagers

Living in a dorm could be very boring if the interior design is flat. Commonly a dorm is designed with simple design and it has similar design for the entire dorms. If you as the residents do not take action to figure it out, you will not stand on staying in the dorm. You will always prefer hanging out to staying at the boring dorm. So, to make it more […]

coastal decor shop

Designing Coastal Wall Decor

Coastal wall decor is great idea for decorating the bedroom design. That will be great to be had the stunning decoration with the very good appearance that is related to the beach. Do you love the beach? So this is the idea for you. You must have the improvement when you are going to upgrade or remodel your bedroom. The wall decoration should be the important one to think. Here […]

large kitchen wall decor ideas

White Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

There are several amazing kitchen wall decor ideas that you can apply for your kitchen. Do you want to make it perfect or just make it comfortable and practical? I want to tell you the wall ideas for kitchen decoration that are great and you will get confident to make it your kitchen more beautiful and classy. White and black are great for making wonderful theme in the wall of […]