black patterned curtains

Vintage Patterned Curtains: Here Are Some Tips!

Are you looking for the right curtains to put in your living room? Well, if you’re confused which to choose, what about having some patterned curtains? This kind of curtains can actually give your room a more unique look and interesting interior design to live and to enjoy with. There are so many kind of this lovely patterned curtains that you can choose, as they’re so various in theme, design, […]

diy office desk organizer

Some Tips of Making Modern DIY Office Desk

Sometimes, the furniture that is available in the store such as the office desk just don’t fit in with what we want, and sometimes they’re too expensive while the budget is so tight! If that’s so, then we suggest you to build your own DIY Office Desk with your own creativity and make one that meets your needs! This is simply the best way that you can afford and achieve […]

twin sofa bed sheets

Twin Sofa Bed for Everyone Living at Studio

Having a bed in your living room is a bit awkward. Especially for anyone who lives in studio it will be more awkward when the guest comes over and you naturally invite them into a bedroom. And things can get weird when you don’t have any intention to get intimate with them and it will be weirder even if you do. In this condition you never win. Try mitigating this […]

paint faux granite countertops

Faux Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen

Having a granite countertop in your kitchen might be good for you to drop your neighbors jaw. However, it will rip your money as it is as expensive as $50 to $100 per square foot. Thus, we need to think wisely upon buying this. If you cannot afford l granite, you can make your countertop to be one of them using faux granite countertops. Faux granite countertops cost $25. You […]

faux granite laminate countertops

Faux Granite Countertop Advantages

Faux granite countertop is famously known in Rachel Ray’s show. She demonstrated the installation of this countertop to mimic the real granite. However, not only granite countertop, you can mimic other type, such as faux marble countertop. There are always pros and contras when you use some kind of material. Thus this review will talk about the advantages and disadvantages when you want to invest your kitchen countertop in faux […]