curtain rod finials diy

Curtain Rod Finials Designs That You Should Know

Who said that it is only the curtains that will make the whole window looking beautiful? You got it all wrong! That’s right; there are some other parts that you can actually use to prettify your window and your room’s décor such as the curtain rod finials. This is basically the part of the curtains that is put on the tip on the curtain pole, both ne the left and […]

french door window curtains

Door Window Curtains to Cover the Glass Door

Nice door window curtains probably could be great ideas for the common people that are looking for good curtains for their room. The home absolutely has to be decorated as well as possible in order to get the nice and also the comfortable rooms like the common people want. If the home is decorated and also furnished with good home décor and also nice home fixture, the home absolutely will […]

green silk curtains

Bedroom Decoration: The Silk Curtains

Bedroom is basically the place where we will spend most of our private time, and make sure it is decorated very well. One of the decorations that you will surely need in the bedroom is the curtains, and the usage of great material of the curtains will be amazing for your room’s decoration. You can choose the silk curtains on your bedroom if you want to have the luxurious look […]

navy striped shower curtain

The Advantage of Having Striped Shower Curtain

Shower curtain is one of the most necessary addition to the bathroom’s design, as it is usually used to cover and divide the bathroom into parts where we simply taking a bath or just doing certain things in the bathroom. But, this shower curtain can be a beautiful decoration as well that can give a lovely accents to the room, such as the usage of the striped shower curtain which […]

fun kids shower curtains

Kids Shower Curtain with Disney Theme

Kids shower curtain is kind of the bathroom décor which could be placed on kid’s bathroom. The bathroom absolutely will always need good decoration, and it happens so with kid’s bathroom. It means the kid’s bathroom is also kind of the room which will need to be decorated with the nice decoration. The presence of the nice decoration on the room absolutely could turn the bathroom become more interesting. However […]