purple table lamp shade

Purple Lamp Shade Bring Out Positive Energy

According to scientific theories and concepts, purple color has a strong deflective index and also fitting for light reflection. It comes from blending red and blue which brings nice vibration and positive energy to any concept of room. There is no need to paint the whole room with purple. Purple lamp shade will to the justice to your room. However, that is not the only purpose that purple has, it […]

mini paper lamp shades

Mini Lamp Shades Creation for Your Perfection

Lamp shade has been used for centuries to cover the lamp and to illuminate the shine. However, right now people use lamp shade to adorn their room, especially at night. Living room and reading room is the places that are given these things. Not only cabinet lamp or reading lamp, we want to give the smaller bulbs their mini lamp shades, even people give mini lamp shades for chandeliers too. […]

granite tile countertops kits

The Granite Tile Countertops and Some Considerations

Composing the idea about the granite tile countertops can be the interesting one for modern people since that can bring into more interesting appearance of the furniture design. Then it also can bring into the great combination between furniture and room decoration. That is the main aspect must be considered from the creation of the home decoration. People of course must be careful for avoiding the possibility of getting the […]

zebra head wall decor

Zebra Wall Decor: Animal Printing Pattern for Youth Wall Decoration

Talking about wall decoration is not simply only about floral or abstract pattern. Somehow you need mind refreshment through another inspiration from animals. Animal printing pattern becomes a trend among youngsters because it gives lively look. Without having to kill animals because you need the leather, you can still use animal printing products from synthetic leather. One of animal printing product we want to share here is the zebra wall […]

white granite countertops colors

The Granite Countertop Colors: Some Important Aspects

The idea about granite countertop colors choice of course must be connected into the design of the cabinet itself since the great combination can bring into the best result in the end. Because of that, in a glance that can be easy to be done. Nevertheless, for some conditions, people also must compose that carefully since the possibility of getting the bad result also can be reached because of some […]