black and red lamp shade

A Bold Red Lamp Shade for Interior Decoration

What would you do to make a nice impact to your home decoration? Inject a rich and bold color accent into your home with lamp shades. Light shades become aesthetically pleasing item and fantastically practical. Red lamp shade will accentuate your home decoration with a glamour touch and will become a focal interest of your home. Red lamp shades bring out the nature touch that interacts enchantingly with light source. […]

glass subway tile shower

Glass Tile Shower Decoration Idea

It will be a good thing for you to prepare the right decoration design for all the room in your house. However, you cannot simplify the step in the process, because all the details inside it will really bring specific function. Remember that all items in the room will make special effect for the final result of the decoration process. As example, the shower decoration detail in your bathroom should […]

queen size convertible sofa bed

The IKEA Style and the Unique Design of Queen Size Sofa Bed

For modern people, having the queen size sofa bed can be something needed. That can bring them into the new way of organizing their furniture in unique sense. Of course this sofa can be assumed as the product of modern time even if the similar appearance of this one in the different form also can be found in the ancient time as it is used by Cleopatra for example. Because […]

ergonomic desk chairs for back pain

Smart Tips for Purchasing Ergonomic Desk Chairs

Ergonomic desk chairs cannot be purchased merely because you can get the best ones when you follow these 5 following tips. First, an ergonomic desk chair is better to be purchased when you consider the comfort right. It means that all will aim for comfort and improving health as how they will sit on the chairs for hours, then you should consider the real comfort which you can achieve when […]

patterned voile curtains

Vintage Patterned Curtains: Here Are Some Tips!

Are you looking for the right curtains to put in your living room? Well, if you’re confused which to choose, what about having some patterned curtains? This kind of curtains can actually give your room a more unique look and interesting interior design to live and to enjoy with. There are so many kind of this lovely patterned curtains that you can choose, as they’re so various in theme, design, […]